The tokens you used to buy items in our shop such as applications, subscriptions etc .. These tokens are available for purchase with the following payments: Paypal, Starpass

On the new version of the site we gave everyone a new key so you will have to re download and reinsall your new key.

Make sure you have the new Semjase.key in ps3 like /dev_hdd0/tmp/Semjases/

If the problem persists, it is that there is an error in your installation. Please check that you have correctly install the application and your license key in the right place and use eboot included with our application.

If the problem persists after these checks, contact our support, we will be happy to respond.

There it can bug a connection between the payment platform and use our site have place but this is quite rare. However, if you encounter this problem, please contact our support by providing us with proof of purchase (Screenshots).

Once you buy your apps, simply go to your panel, then "My Applications". In the table will display all applications you own and you can run them by clicking the "Manage" button and you can download your application and your license key.

If our support suspended temporarily or permanently your account is that you have violated our terms of service. The penalty can not be removed and you will have to wait the time indicated on the sanction to regain access to your account if it is not suspended permanently.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here: Terms and Conditions.

Your account has been hacked and you no longer have access?

Contact the faster our support you by creating a new account and explaining the situation and providing us with proof that you are the owner of the account hacked by giving us the information we request.

After making the checks, the account in question will be suspended permanently and no account recovery will be possible.

You can also contact us by email: [email protected].